Jhilmil Rahein a journey to various locations accross India
Jhilmil Rahein a tale of tourist places during their season by Savi Hotels and Resorts, this episode is on Kumbhalgarh

A Winter Fiesta in Kumbhalgarh’s Regal Embrace


Step into the kaleidoscope of Kumbhalgarh through the lens of Jhilmil Raahein, a journey that transcends time and space. This isn’t just about a trip; it’s a stroll through the rich history, a dance with nature, and an encounter with the contemporary haven, Savi Palace RajKumbha (New Kumbhalgarh resort and hotel). Welcome to the warm glow of our winter sojourn in the heart of Rajasthan!

Kumbhalgarh Fort at nigth with Savi Palace Rajkumbha

Historical Marvel: Kumbhalgarh Fort

Feel the whispers of the past as you tread the ancient stones of Kumbhalgarh Fort. Crafted by the visionary Rana Kumbha in the 15th century, this fortress is a living testament to our regal heritage. The walls of the stunning fort runs into a peripheral of 32 kms wide enough to carry elephants and giant canons.

December wraps the air in tales of courage, turning your exploration into a heartfelt connection with the history it holds.

Panoramic Views: Nature’s Symphony

Kumbhalgarh isn’t just a destination; it’s a canvas where the Aravalli hills paint a symphony under the winter sun. Imagine waking up not just to golden landscapes but to the crisp fragrance of winter, a sensory experience where nature herself composes poetry. Jhilmil Raahein invites you to immerse in the opulence that Rajasthan’s winter unveils, each moment a brushstroke on this vibrant canvas. An experience worth mesmerizing.

Unique Attractions: Beyond the Fort Walls

Venture beyond the fortress, and the untamed terrain of Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary beckons, a journey into the mystical world of leopards, antelopes, bears and the symphony of nocturnal creatures. In the December moonlight, it becomes a saga under the cool breeze and vast Rajasthani sky, a tale written in the footprints of the wild.

leopord safari

Cultural Odyssey: Festivals of December

December in Kumbhalgarh isn’t just marked by dates; it’s a festival, and the vivacious Mewar Festival paints the streets with traditions. The melodies aren’t just tunes; they’re the heartbeat of our culture. Immerse yourself in the cultural revelry, become a part of the living history, and let the Jhilmil Raahein weave its tapestry of connections beyond the surface.

Local Flavors: A Culinary Sojourn

No Rajasthani sojourn is complete without savoring the local flavors. Dive into a culinary saga, with the rich aromas of Dal Baati Churma and Ghewar lingering in the air. Each bite is a passage through the culinary history of Rajasthan, a taste of the land we call home.

Your Oasis in Kumbhalgarh: Savi Palace RajKumbha (New Kumbhalgarh resort and hotel)

Amidst the echoes of history and cultural vibrancy, Savi Palace RajKumbha (New Kumbhalgarh resort and hotel) isn’t just a stay; it’s a home away from home. Here, modern comforts blend with Rajasthani hospitality, and every moment isn’t just travel but a celebration of refined experiences. Picture evenings by the courtyard bonfire, where stories from far and wide intertwine, creating a colorful narrative of shared wanderlust.

Savi Palace RajKumbha
Savi Palace RajKumbha, Kumbhalgarh

Conclusion: Crafting Your Tale in Kumbhalgarh’s Embrace

As the sun gracefully dips behind the formidable walls of Kumbhalgarh Fort, the town transforms into an intimate haven. December nights, adorned with a gentle chill, set the stage for forging indelible memories. Secure your passage to this enchanting odyssey by reserving your sojourn at Savi Palace RajKumbha (New Kumbhalgarh resort and hotel). 🏰✨

Savi Palace RajKumbha is a boutique resort with its inspiration drawn from traditional haveli style highlighting the incredible work of architecture and painting in the background of lush green forests of Aravalli hills making it an monumental architectural worth mesmerizing.

Let the Jhilmil Raahein weave its magic, leaving you with stories to narrate and an insatiable desire to return.

In the vibrant tapestry of travel, Kumbhalgarh isn’t just a destination; it’s a chapter waiting to be inscribed in your travel memoir. Embrace the history, savor the nature, relish the flavors, and make Savi Palace RajKumbha , a boutique heritage resort your sanctuary in this winter paradise. Seize the moment, book now, and let the allure of Kumbhalgarh be the backdrop to your extraordinary journey into Rajasthan’s regal heart. Jai Mharo Rajasthan! (Hail our Rajasthan!) 🌟🕌

Book Your Stay at Savi Palace Raj Kumbha (New) 🌐🛌


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